What is Brand Activation?

what is brand activation marketing

Personal interaction with brands is no longer just a fun trend, but essential to your business strategy in the era of social media, online shopping and instant gratification.

Did you know that 14% of small businesses fail because of poor marketing, and another 14% fail because they didn’t listen to their customers? That’s a lot of businesses sitting around with their hands over their ears while their target audience wanders off to find better brands.

Brand activation marketing can be a key element to bring awareness to your brand, promote a product, or get your message out whether you are a fresh fish starting out in the new business waters or have been swimming in the ocean for years. It is a type of marketing strategy through which your brand generates
awareness and builds lasting connections with your target audience. While it sounds exactly the same as every other type of marketing, brand activation refers to a specific interactive campaign, event or experience with the sole purpose of elevating your brand.

These marketing experiences could be anything: an opening night, a fundraiser, a fair, even a pop-up store. You’re limited only by your imagination (and the marketing budget)

These are many types of brand activation, most of which you have unknowingly already participated it!

  1. Experiential marketing focuses on creating events or experiences, and you can read more about it on our website [here].
  2. On-site activations, where the event or experience occurs at your home base. This might mean having an open day where you invite customers into the office, a BBQ in the parking lot, or a social media photo booth on the shop floor.
  3. Industry or trade shows, where everyone gets a chance to interact with your product…and your competitors!
  4. Sampling and free trials, probably one of the most prolific forms of brand activation. Who hasn’t had a free Netflix trial or sampled some gelato outside the shopping centre?
  5. Digital marketing, the #viral kind.

…and all sorts of other strategies!

Where you’ll need some assistance, of course, is finding the right campaign for your brand. Nobody likes a half-baked campaign strategy, especially if it involves actual half-baked goods being handed to you by a pushy sales representative in the crowded supermarket. You need a campaign that not only suits your brand, but also your customers and their wants, needs, and lifestyle. Brand Activation Marketing will help you get the most out of your campaigns without them becoming an #epicfail