Customer Interaction

customer interaction is part of a great brand activation

Customer interaction is an essential part of a brand activation. Are you planning an engagement marketing campaign and stuck for ideas? Let’s start with an understanding of what is needed for a successful experiential marketing campaign.

Customer Interaction

Customer interaction is what engagement marketing is all about. Even if you are an established brand, there are lots of people who may not have heard of you or have only interacted with your brand superficially. Customers crave authenticity and if you want them to know the real you, a sales pitch might not always be the best solution. Begin by understanding your customer and what they are after; they are, after all, the most important part of your business! Keep in mind that building brand loyalty is not something that can be forced but is something that can be nurtured. Think outside the box to create an interactive experience that your customers will remember.

Personalise the Experience.

This could be as simple as learning someone’s name while having a chat or complimenting them on their outfit. Consumers want to be heard so pay attention to their wants and needs to create a campaign targeted at them personally. The more you know your individual clients, the better understanding you will have of the bigger picture, and the more likely they are to remember you.

Use Education to Engage

Did you know that people are 50% more likely to remember something when engaged in group discussion, and 30% more likely if they see a demonstration? People also retain 80% of what they see, as opposed to 20% of what they read and 10% of what they hear. Don’t have a product to demonstrate? What about informing your target audience about how your business helps the environment, your charitable endeavors, the history of the business, whatever you see fit!

Customer Interaction- How to Put a Human Face to the Experience

Ever been on the phone, heard an automated voice and wished you could speak to a ‘real person’? Us too! Putting a friendly face to the brand like Jessie from sales or Tyler from HR will make you more look less like a big box brand and more like a brand we want in our homes.

Word of Mouth Marketing and Why it’s Important!

According to Nielsens, 93% of consumers trust and believe recommendations from family and friends over any other form of advertising. Ninety Three Percent! This is an astounding percentage – and a vital one that you need to remember when approaching your brand activation to increase your sales in the long term. Word of mouth marketing is a proven effective form of advertising, so be sure to think of some creative ways to capture your attendee’s attention and have them raving about your brand.

Brand Activation Marketing creates engaging experiences that bring positive emotional connections with your brand. With the use of our social media photo booths, your attendees will not only have a great time in front of the booth but will also be encouraged to share their amazing experiences at your activation all over their socials, which works as an amplified word of mouth for your brand!

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