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Psst! Got a Story to Tell?

Brand activation marketing just got a whole lot easier. We are an experiential marketing agency for one-stop brand activations. Our talented team deliver high engagement campaigns across all social media marketing channels. These are designed to attract audiences from far and wide, and convert them into fans. Next once you have a strong fan base, you enjoy the rush that comes with a strong buzz. Furthermore, your customer base grows, along with your sales and profits. Interactive events- whether virtual or live- are the perfect launchpad for a experience marketing. Therefore it makes sense to bring people together, ready for the occasion, dressed to impress and ready to share their fun on social platforms. How do we do it? With custom artwork, graphics and interactive elements. And most interactive element of all (apart form your product of course) is the mighty photo booth. Our agency partners with Poppy's Place when we need to hire a photo booth. These are the ultimate activation tool. Photo booths ensure the event and the memories- live on long after the activation concludes.

Brand Activation Marketing Benefits

The benefits of a well executed brand activation are many. They have been detailed here, on this piece on the Medium website.
On eConsultancy's website, you can see more in-depth discussion on relationship building, and in particular driving consumer engagement through customer engagements.
When you need to develop a bespoke experiential activation for your business, brand or organisation, contact us.

Our experiential marketing agency develops social media brand awareness so that you are seen when people browse and search their interests. Create awareness, foster and nurture relationships and build brand-equity in the minds of your audience.

using photo booths for experiential marketing  in brand activation
engage your loyal fans with fun experiences

Building Social Media Brand Awareness

Get found. Occupy front-of-mind positions when casual searchers explore further. Be there when decisions are made, with targeted engagement, so that you are seen as the natural choice. Social media brand awareness builds consistency throughout all marketing channels. It ensures a uniform message throughout the web, so that people have a deep seated impression of your product or brand.