Are Photo Booths Still Popular?

Are photo booths still popular? With all the changes to how companies market to consumers, and ways brands interact with fans, it’s a fair question. Photo booth hire is booming. Photobooths are enjoying a massive upswing in popularity, more than ever before.

Once upon time, photo booths were an unwieldy, massive square of darkness that you could only hire for parties if you had a ton of space and a ton of money. Great for a night out but impractical for the average venue or home owner. However, since 2017 photo booths have seen a meteoric rise in popularity, in part due to the changes in technology that have allowed for smaller booths, more options for backdrops and designs, and a wider array of props and digital templates.

Now it’s 2021 and guess what? Booths are still popping! In fact, they’ve got bigger (and smaller), more interactive, sparklier, bolder, and better than ever before! You’d be hard pressed to find an event that wouldn’t benefit from a photobooth…that’s if they don’t have one already!

So what makes photobooths so amazing?

Ultimate flexibility!

There is a photobooth for every event. That’s right, EVERY event! Are you outside? A roaming booth might be for you for the ultimate portable experience! After some excitement and adventure? A green screen is the perfect fit for you! If elegance is your thing, a Mirror Me Booth may be just what you’re looking for. That’s not even the full range of experiences available. The Melbourne Photobooth Hire Website has an impressive range of photo booths- sure to make any occasion special and provide loads of Insta-worthy moments.

No need to break the bank!

Compared to traditional photography, photobooths are fairly cheap and provide a lot of bang for their buck! Packages usually include booth hire, a booth attendant, backdrop, props and custom templates…everything you need under one roof!

Easy to use and install!

Photobooths are incredibly easy to use and install anywhere, and most come with a personal attendant to ensure your guests don’t have to lift a finger! Melbourne Photobooth Hire even offers a touchless experience with the Socialite Booth, allowing guests to scan a QR code and run the booth from their phone. How cool is that! Total control at the touch of a button.

Instant results!

Using social media photo booths allows guests to upload their photos instantly to their phone, email, Instagram or Facebook! No more waiting until you get home to download all your snaps, you can have them within seconds! Want printing at your event? No problem! Skip the queue, because your photos will be printed in under a minute!

Top tech!

On top of all the amazing customisation options, you can make use of the latest in tech to make all your dreams come true! Green screen, Sliding Booths, 360 Experiences, Glam Booths, AR and digital props are just some of the awesome things you can do with the right photo booth! Filters? SO yesterday. Flying through the sky with a dragon? Count me in!

Data in real time!

Make the most of your event with analytics. Use top of the line software to keep track of your guests, sign them up to your newsletter, send them a survey, or engage them with a competition! Even if that’s not your style, you can still see that who, whats and whens of your event. If you’re feeling #adventurous, set up your own event hashtag and we’ll manage it for you! Talk about trending!

So if you’re pondering the question: are photo booths still popular? – the answer is an overwhelming “Yes”. At this rate, photo booths are here to stay, and so are we! Contact us today and let’s get started on your dream party aesthetic. Snap snap!